Alpha Squad or Alpha One is a platoon part of the children's project in Gear Babies and 2.0.

In 2.0

Alpha Squad is lead by Helena Stroud in 2.0, and contains the children Damon Baird, Augustus Cole, Gyules, Seth Keenan, and Jan Rojas.

In both films, shown by Alpha's behavior the squad seems to be treated much more leniently compared to those such as Delta, as the children are running around more freely and are more adventurous. This may be due to the fact Helena is already occupied with communications and her daughter Anya. The squad also frequents around the rebellious Fireteam Echo, which is a sign of poor supervision.

Alpha is situated in barracks alongside other platoons around their age group (around 7-11 years of age), which are Delta, Foxtrot, Kilo, Tango, and Zulu.


Alpha is usually known to be the second upmost important of squads in both films, Delta being in the lead. This is more than likely because of the significance of characters Baird and Cole.