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Baird (left) and Cole (right) on one of the many official movie posters.

"Can't stop the Train, baby."
— Cole in training

Augustus "Cole Train" Cole  is a ten year old living in Tyrus and a previous child Thrashball star. He is voiced by Elly G.

Personal Background (2.0)Edit

Cole grew up in Hanover where he was a popular Thrashball player, and joined the COG after hearing of the project. His recruitment inspired many others to join as well, that local recruitment officials reported a 390% jump in voluntary enlistment following the event.

After Recruitment (2.0)Edit

Cole is assigned to Alpha Squad lead by Helena, along with Damon BairdJan Rojas , Gyules , and Seth Keenan . He first meets Baird when they're getting off the bus for the first time, and the two almost immediately become best friends.

Cole and Baird later meet Marcus and Dom in the cafeteria during Delta's first couple days there. Baird tries to convince Cole to help he, the Chevy Brothers , and Morgan with the Sugar Shack , but Cole wants very little to do with the troublemakers. Baird hanging out with the wrong crowd steers Cole away from him much of the time, until Baird later on breaks up a fight between Marcus and Alex, which revives Cole and he's falling out friendship.


Cole sitting behind Baird.


Cole is a caring and enthusiastic induvidual with many friends. He cares about people dearly, and will do anything he can to help them. He is often the comical relief in bad situations.


Cole is a black male, standing about 4'11" with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He wears his jumpsuit tied around his waist.


Cole in the front of the Class with Baird behind him to his right, Alex a couple seats behind him, and Marcus behind Baird.


  • In the original film, Cole is at first shown to have a lisp. Evidently it goes away by the middle of the movie due to the first voice actor dropping, and doesn't happen in 2.0 either.
  • Cole in both films is one of the most resourceful and informative children. He arguably has the most confidence and is never brought down easily.