"You're the weird boy! And don't look at Morgan! He's the other weird boy! His hair is an impossible color!"
— Fordyce to Marcus when they meet

Fordyce at lunch.

Avery Fordyce was a nearly silent twelve year old boy in Fireteam Echo, who hangs around the rest of his comrades: Alex , Niko , Eli , and Morgan . He will also hang around Baird if his squad is as well. He allegedly gets into many fights with Cole , and several others. He is voiced by Arcanum Order .

Personal Background (2.0)

Fordyce came from a dysfunctional family of crime, where he was allegedly often in and out of mental institutes and counseling. Albeit being twelve, and knowing information that of a sixteen year old, Fordyce behaves like a six year old, and insists anyone that's "mean" to him shall be "beaten up like he and his mom". This implies his father had beaten he and his mother a lot. It is unknown why Fordyce joined the COG, but it more than likely had something to do with the Government taking control of the child abuse.

After Recruitment (2.0)

Fordyce was assigned to Fireteam Echo. Despite his awkward nature, Fordyce is mostly left alone by the rest of his squad which leaves him silent. He'll sit around the Sugar Shack when he isn't picking fights with Cole, or anyone else. Despite starting the fights, Fordyce never wins, or it gets broken up. There was supposed to be a more graphic depiction scene of the fight between he and Cole, but it was cut in final production to shorten the run time.  


Fordyce is a twelve year old who instead behaves significantly younger. His stance is often awkward, where he'll often cautiously hide behind someone, or stands with bent knees with fists in front of him.


Fordyce is a tan male with shaggy greyish-brownish hair and golden eyes. He also has braces on his teeth.

Fordyce in the original film.

In the original film, he has maroon colored spikey hair which was shaved down the middle, with blue eyes.


  • Fordyce dies in the original film, merely said to have died by being "torn into shreds" by Locusts. In 2.0 it is unknown what his fate is.
  • In 2.0 he's given more of a backstory and more personality, but much of his planned content was cut.