"I hate boys! They're jerks! Jerks I tell ya!"
— Ayumu to Anya

Ayumu "Ayu" Kawasumi was a ten year old from Tyrus. She was good friends with Anya Stroud , and was in Bravo Squad. She was a minor character voiced by Arcanum Order . She is also one of the few cut characters from the final development of the film.

Personal Background (2.0)Edit

Ayu came from a wealthier family of scientists, similar to Marcus ' situation. Both parents were part of COG, and influenced their only daughter to join when the project was announced.

After Recruitment (2.0)Edit

Ayu was best friends with Anya, mostly due to the fact Anya is nicer than most of the other girls on the base. She took a disliking to most of the boys, mainly because many don't like the girls.

She is predicted to be many of the "presumed dead" people at the end of the film, assuming she isn't shown again.


Ayu was a kind and quiet girl at first who ironically did not want any violence, but when agitated she would easily snap and yell at anyone; however, she was not intimidating at all, and most people just laughed at her.


Ayu was a white female, standing about 4'5" with short pink hair and green eyes.

Death Edit

Ayumu was planned to be one of the many deaths by the end of the film until she was cut completely for time reasons.