Baby Anderson was the newborn child of Antonio Anderson and his wife Mrs. Anderson.

Personal Background

Since the child died during delivery, there was nothing to be known about him including his name. Antonio is reminded of how he could have had a growing up son when Carmine comes to him one night when he's afraid of the dark, telling him a poem that Mrs. Anderson would have allegedly told their baby. Before Anderson dies, he is shown speaking to his wife's photo about he will be with she and her son again.


The child is seen only once in a flashback after he is delivered unresponsive, where Anderson is holding him. He appears to be a white male with brown hair.


Not much other information is given of the child other than that he died with his mother during her cardiac arrest episode during childbirth. Other than the cardiac arrest contributing to his passing, why the child could not be saved is also unknown, but it is more than likely the child was not delivered by the time she was at risk.