Benjamin "B." Carmine is the youngest child after Clayton and Anthony Carmine . He joined the Coalition with his three brothers. The fourth brother's name and age is unknown.

Personal Background (2.0)

B. Carmine allegedly comes from a family where military service was more of an expectation rather than a duty; instead they merely just loved to shoot guns and blow things up. Ben Carmine has two older brothers named Clayton and Anthony, as well as an unknown brother who all joined up together when the children's project was announced. Benjamin, who is five had no other choice in the matter to join the army.


After recruitment (2.0)

Carmine was separated from all three of his brothers due to age division, where he was put in a pre-school academy, Clay in a higher-up squad, Anthony in Delta, and it is unknown where his third brother's whereabouts are.  


Ben Carmine's personality is mostly unknown, as he is only shown in one scene depicted as playful in part five.


Like his brothers, Ben has red hair and heterochromia, where one of his eyes is green and the other is purple. He also has a birthmark on his cheek.


  • Carmines

    Benjamin depicted in some concept art on the right, behind Clayton.

    Despite Benjamin not existing in the original film, it was originally planned to have him in it instead of Anthony. However the production team realized this would make very little sense, and never added him until 2.0.
  • Not many people notice, but Benjamin can be seen in 2.0 watching the TV when the emergency alerts begin airing. His mother is also seen afterwards.