"Helena's dead..."
— Bernadette granting the news to Anya Stroud.

Sergeant Bernadette "Bernie" Mataki is a woman from Tyrus in her thirties who seems to be in charge of maintaining rosters and takes part in the control center. She is voiced by Sarra Rohr.


Bernadette as she's seen when Delta arrives.

Personal Background (2.0)

Bernadette was allegedly in a relationship with Major Hoffman, but were forced to break up due to training. Due to short screen time, not much is known about her other than she relays information from communications to those such as Davis. She ends up being the one to deliver the news of Helena's death to Anya.


Little is known about Bernadette, other than that she's serious about her duty.


Bernadette is a fair skinned female with light brown hair and blue eyes.


  • Bernadette may or may not be an indirect replacement of Vendetta from the original film.