As Gear Babies was made in a very fast-paced manner, the original release (not the remastered version) of the film was very buggy, and had several mistakes.

Known mistakesEdit

  • An image of Hoffman's face blinks several times during Anya and Prescott's conversation. Another similar thing happens with Anderson's sweat drop when on the line with Prescott.
  • The music messes up abruptly before the scene where Delta get their COG Tags.
  • The letterboxing messes up during the Kryll scene.
  • In the beginning, Marcus appears to have a gap in between his two front teeth. Shortly later, he doesn't have it anymore.
  • Anya originally had cyan colored eyes in her first scene. However in later appearances she has a dull blue eye color.
  • There are random lens flares throughout the entire movie. They were not meant to be there.
  • In the first scene with Cole, he spits when he talks. This doesn't happen anymore afterwards.
  • The last part (part 11) had to be rendered in poor quality, as it was unable to be any other way.
  • Hoffman being an artificial voice often mispronounced things. COG tags would sound like "cock tags", Fenix was often mispronounced, and word comprehension was often misused. He was unable to shout, so all of his "fear" was never properly conveyed.
  • A lot of voice audio was poorly edited, so sometimes lines sounded wonky. An example is Prescott, Anderson, and Adam Fenix.
  • Both Marcus and Dom's mothers look different at the beginning of the movie than they do later on.
  • King Ravens are only called "Ravens".
  • A lot of chroma keying was done poorly.
  • Hence the film was made in separate parts, the audio volume fluctuates.

Remastered versionEdit

A remastered version of Gear Babies was uploaded on November 28th, 2012, where most bugs and mistakes were fixed. However, some unfixable ones remain, such as the "ravens" issue, background music, part 11's quality, the poor mic quality on some parts, unfixable chroma keying, Hoffman's voice, and character design mishaps.

Much of the music and voice acting was replaced, and some of the film was enhanced with video effects. Subtitles were also added which are almost accurate. Letterboxing was fixed, as well as cropping, blinking hoffman and sweat, and most of the sound fluctuation. Some copyrighted songs were also pitched.