"Sir, all I can tell you is that I'll make sure Marcus comes back in one piece."
— Carlos talking to Adam Fenix.

Carlos Benedicto Santiago was a fourteen year old boy from Tyrus with his younger brother Dom , and parents Eva and Eduardo . He is Marcus ' friend, and voiced by Len C. Len.

Personal Background (2.0)

Carlos was the first child of the Santiago's, Dom's older brother. He was often shown as pushy to Dom, but only wished to motivate him. He inspired Dom and Marcus to join the COG after he learned of the children's project. Allegedly in the past, Carlos had helped fended bullies from Marcus when he was smaller, and feels the need to protect Marcus no matter what. After Marcus is welcomed to stay in their home, Eva questions Carlos about Marcus' dad, and his home. Carlos mentions that it was like a museum and had many books; it was quiet and eerie, and that Adam had barely acknowledged he and Marcus. Carlos states that he feels Marcus needs a brother more than a library.

After Marcus tells Adam that he had recruited, Adam felt that Carlos was to blame, until Marcus said otherwise. After Adam realizes he was defeated, Carlos tells him he'll do his best to keep Marcus safe. After Dom recruited, Dom mentions he's doing it to impress the girl next door, while Carlos suspects it's really because Dom doesn't want to be left behind.

After recruitment (2.0)

Carlos ended up getting separated from Dom and Marcus due to age division, and is put into November Squad. Carlos is later not seen, until it is later brought to Dom's attention that Carlos was KIA by sacrificing his life by blowing up a bridge. Carlos was awarded the Embry Star , which was then given to Dom, leaving Dom distraught.


Snarky and quick witted, Carlos was the "big brother" figure for both Marcus and Dom, however extremely caring for both of them.


Carlos was a tan male with short brown hair, and brown eyes. He is about 5'8".


  • Carlos is never even mentioned or seen at all in the first film.