"They're meaner than shit, they're dumber than hell, and those speed-freak assholes will go megaton at the drop of a hat."
— LT Anderson

The Chevy Brothers was a clan of three brothers from the poor side of the Imulsion city of Mercy . Alex being the eldest, Niko the middle child, and Eli the youngest. The three brothers had the same mother , and different fathers. The characters are roughly based off the Tremor Brothers from Smokin' Aces .


The Chevy Brothers during their arrest.

2 0 poster 2 5 by terrorstarts athome-d64qdjk

A poster with the Chevy Brothers. Eli on the bottom, Alex on the left, and Niko on the far right.


The clan began around the time Alex turned thirteen, dragging his three brothers into the group. They mostly caused trouble at school, causing the three to become expelled from school. They joined the COG to prove themselves worthy. The group were put in custody shortly after arrival, due to assault on a spec-op. After being released, they were assigned to Fireteam Echo, with Morgan and Fordyce . Despite being lead by an adult, the band of troublemakers consider Alex Chevy the boss.

In the original film, not much history had been given other than they got into a riot with Spec-Ops beforehand.


The Chevy brothers in the original film.


The only brother to remain alive by the end of both films is Niko. In 2.0 and the original, Eli dies from a shot to the head. Alex falls to his death in the original, but in 2.0 he is shot in the head like his youngest brother on a rooftop.