The original logo for Children of War, used in the same font as Gear Babies and 2.0

Children war was originally going to be a sequel to Gear Babies , but the idea was scrapped and changed to a remake which is 2.0 .


Talk of a sequel began immediately after the completion of the original Gear Babies. The sequel would have been a continuation of where Gear Babies left off, and would have been based off the third game. A Trailer was released in 2010, however was deleted as Critical Pictures decided to produce a remake of the film instead. 

The newer design for Dom (note the fohawk), which was kept for 2.0.

2.0 Beta

Children of War technically served as a beta test for 2.0, where new character designs were exercised, as well as newer animation techniques. The story was to follow the original cast from the first film, but a couple years older; this is where 2.0 stemmed from, as the remake has characters nearly twice the original age. 

A scene from the original trailer. This is allegedly Clayton Carmine, despite this footage being used at the end of Gear Babies.

Children of War was also influential in the canon aspect, as the original film was hardly canon to Gears of War's actual story. This is where Critical Pictures, Temarfilm Industries, and XAINAX decided that a remake would be the final decision, as it would be canon to the original story aside from the children's project aspect part. Studies of character backstories were more looked into, as well as removing some original characters and replacing them with canon characters. 


  • There is a scene depicting a child who resembles that of Anthony Carmine, where in fact Critical has claimed it is rather Clayton Carmine instead. This same scene was used at the end of the original film, and was up for debate on if A. Carmine was alive after all. This is false, as Critical stated this child is indeed Clay where he has a somewhat older resemblance of the Carmine family, and brown colored eyes.
  • Two other scenes were used in the end of the original film. One of Victor Hoffman looking over the burning city, and one of Anya crying.