"Ohhh... bacon."
— Clay, after Marcus and Anthony leave.

Clayton Carmine as he was seen in a debut trailer.

Clayton "C." Carmine is the eldest (12) of three Carmine brothers, where he joined the COG with them. The fourth Carmine brother's name and age is unknown.

Personal Background (2.0)

C. Carmine allegedly comes from a family where military service was more of an expectation rather than a duty; instead they merely just loved to shoot guns and blow things up. Clayton Carmine has two younger brothers named Benjamin and Anthony , as well as an unknown brother who all joined up together when the children's project was announced.

After Recruitment (2.0)

C. Carmine was separated from all three of his brothers due to age division, where Ben was put in a pre-school academy, himself in X-Ray with Dizzy , Anthony in Delta, and it is unknown where his third brother's whereabouts are. 


Clayton (right) and Dizzy (left) as they're seen in 2.0.



Clayton depicted in some concept art brushing Anthony's hair, with Benjamin behind him.

From the few times he's seen, Clayton is enthusiastic about his duties and loves food, especially bacon. However he is much more intimidating than his brothers, due to his bloodlust. He expresses embarrassment over Anthony, where he tells Dizzy he wishes to pretend he wasn't his brother, and that Anthony is special.


Clayton is a red-haired white male with green eyes and freckles who stands about 5'4".


  • Clayton

    Clayton's appearance in the original film.

Despite not having a role in the original film, there have been debates on who the child at the end of Gear Babies (and the YouTube thumbnail) is considering Anthony died. The child also has brown eyes, not green like Anthony. There are theories that it may just be a flashback of Anthony, but Critical claimed that the child is indeed Clay Carmine, and was unused footage from Children of War.

  • Clayton says the line "bacon" at one point in the film, as he does in the actual game.