From start to finish of the film:

  • Deleted scene of classroom attendance

TEACHER: "Okay, quiet now! I’ll be taking attendance. Erica Adams? Benny Adkins? Jessica Brown? Tanner Collins? Heather Curtis? Alexis Downing? Kayla Eversole? Marcus Fenix?... No Marcus Fenix? Okay, he’s absent. Henry George?..."

  • Deleted line from enlistment

ADVISOR 2: "Hey, you’re Adam’s son? Right? Wow, we’re impressed you’re signing up to be a regular gear instead of a potential officer…"

  • A deleted scene with Lieutenant Davis would have been here, but the archive of lines was deleted.
  • Flashback of Anderson and his wife's death
  • Scene of the fight between Cole and Fordyce (was cut for time)

COLE: "Look, all I’m asking is for you to calm down."

FORDYCE: "Calm down!? You’re mean! You should be punished like mother and I were!"

COLE: "Whatever, man, this is over."

ALEX: "Hit him."


ALEX: "Hit him, Avery!"

COLE: "I dare you."

FORDYCE: "…This isn’t over!"

ALEX: "Damn it! Why didn’t you hit him! Do it in class tomorrow! Do it!"

MARCUS: "Hey, what was that even about!?"

FORDYCE: "None of your business, you… You… Weird guy!"

  • A scene with several squads together in a classroom was to happen in part five, but was cut out for time limit.