Delta Squad or Delta One is a platoon in Gear Babies and 2.0 part of the children's project.

In 2.0

Like in the original film, Delta squad is lead by Major Victor Hoffman, and assisted by Lieutenant Antonio Anderson. The six children in the platoon are Michael Barrick, Anthony Carmine, Marcus Fenix, Tai Kaliso , Minh Young Kim, and Dom Santiago.

Like the other units, Delta goes through basic training including obstacle courses, running, and other physical training activities. While many times the children may seem to be over exerting themselves, Hoffman and Anderson give them frequent breaks out of laziness from themselves.

Delta Squad is situated in barracks alongside other platoons around their age group (around 7-11 years of age), which are Alpha, Foxtrot, Kilo, Tango, and Zulu.


Delta is arguably the most notable squad of both films, mainly due to the fact the main protagonist Marcus is part of the unit. Delta is seen a majority of the entirety of both films and is easily the most memorable.