"Welcome to the big suck, Fenix. Ready to hit the road?"
— Dizzy, greeting Delta Squad

Dizzy "Diz" Wallin is an eleven year old from Tyrus , and good friends with Delta Squad. He is voiced by Matthew Myers of Co-Opted.

Personal Background (2.0)

Like many others, Dizzy was torn between the distrust of the Children's Project and what was right for the rest of his family. Dizzy had learned engineering at a younger age.


Dizzy (left) as he's seen standing beside Clayton (right).

After Recruitment (2.0)

Dizzy joined the Child's Project voluntarily and is assigned to X-Ray with fellow Gears including Clayton . He said he could fix engines and drive, and had been told that he could likely be an Assault Derrick driver in the future.

Dizzy becomes close to Delta at lunch one day, and befriends Marcus , Dom , and everyone else where he is told about what Hoffman is like.


Dizzy is an enthusiastic and friendly pre-teen with a Southern accent who loves fixing things. 


Diz is a pudgy white male who stands about 4'11", with light brown hair, brown eyes, and a protruding tooth. He sometimes wears his uniform with the sleeves rolled up, or sometimes tied at the waist with bibs underneath.