"Carlos, I've been thinking. Maybe when you're old enough in a few years, Marcus too maybe, you both could join the army alongside me."
— Eduardo to Carlos

Eduardo Santiago was a retired Gear who was married to Eva Santiago , and father of Carlos and Dom. After military retirement, he became a mechanic. He is voiced by AT&T Labs Text To Speech "Rich".

Personal Background (2.0)

Before dinner one day, Dom tries to help Eduardo fix the car engine. Afterwards, Eduardo tells Marcus and Carlos that maybe the two of them could join the army.

After Recruitment (2.0)

A while after the boys recruited, it had came to Eduardo and Eva's attention that Carlos had perished in combat; the two of them spent most of their nights after this crying, and praying nothing bad happens to Dom. A ceremony is held for Carlos, and for the brief time Dom sees his parents he gives them Carlos' Embry Star that was given to him by Hoffman.

By the end of the movie, Eva and Eduardo are some of the many listed as "Missing, Presumed Dead ."


Eduardo was the typical household husband, and only wants the best for his children and Marcus.


Eduardo was a hefty tan male at about 5"10', with dark brown hair and yellow eyes.