"Such a dark thing for a young boy to say... Poor child..."
— Eva, acknowledging what Marcus said about joining the army

Eva Santiago was a Tyran mother of Carlos and Dom Santiago, and wife of Eduardo . She also ended up serving as a second mother figure after Marcus ' mother Elain goes missing. 

Personal Background (2.0)

One day at dinner when Marcus was over, Eva receives a call from Adam , telling her that Elain had gone missing. Since then, Marcus was over frequently and she indirectly took place as his mother in the meantime before the boys were deployed.


Eva before dinner.

After Recruitment (2.0)

A while after the boys recruited, it had came to Eva's attention that Carlos had perished in combat; Eva and her husband spent most of their nights after this crying, and praying nothing bad happens to Dom. A ceremony is held for Carlos, and for the brief time Dom sees his parents he gives them Carlos' Embry Star that was given to him by Hoffman.

By the end of the movie, Eva and Eduardo are some of the many listed as "Missing, Presumed Dead ."


Caring and motherly, like any mother Eva wishes for her sons to be safe.


Eva at her job.


Eva is a tan woman who stands about 5'3", with short dark brown hair and brown eyes. In the original film she was caucasian and had short blonde hair and blue eyes; she also had an unknown European accent.


  • In the original film, there isn't any indication that Eduardo is around, or even exists.
  • Eva has more screen-time in 2.0.
  • Eva evidently works at a local diner.