"Oh, man, we're fucked... we're fucked! I'm getting outta here! ...OH, SHIT!!!"
— Gyules' last words

Gyules was a ten year old in part of the children's project.

Personal Background (2.0)

Nothing is known about Gyules' personal life.

After Recruitment (2.0)

Gyules was a member of Alpha Squad, along with Baird, Cole , Seth , and Jan Rojas which was lead by Helena Stroud. When he hears a Berserker  coming, Gyules panics and runs away, ironically he runs into the Berserker instead. His squad stands in horror, hearing his screams and his blood splattering.

Gyules' name is often mispronounced by everyone, including Anderson the first time he is mentioned where he is vulgarly labeled as "some fuckass".


Gyules is shown at the beginning of the film to be a white male with black hair and green eyes, who stands about 4'8". He later on wears a helmet.


Gyules by far has little to known personality, as he is merely a background character who happens to die .