"You're doing fine, darling. Really fine. I'm proud of you."
— Helena, telling Anya how proud she is of her before Helena dies in a suicidal attack.

Helena when mentioning Anya for the first time.

Major Helena Stroud was a former gear and mother to Anya Stroud . She died during an attack a couple weeks after Anya was stationed as a child in the project, where she earns an Embry Star which is given to Anya.

Personal Background (2.0)

Helena came from a rich background and became a frontline Gear at some point in her life. She had an only child named Anya with an unknown man, and raised her alone in a small apartment in Jacinto . She allegedly had been under the command of Adam Fenix at one point, and was the one who convinced Anya to join the project early on. She ends up being the leader of Alpha Squad, while also maintaining communications at the same time.

After Recruitment (2.0)

After Anya arrives on base, Helena makes sure to see her daughter as much as possible before she was deployed. It is evident she has some sort of rivalry with Hoffman, where the two (mostly the latter) hurl insults at one another.


Helena was a sassy yet kind woman who allegedly slept around, as she didn't know the biological father of Anya. 


While Helena managed to get what was left of Alpha Squad to safety, Helena died in a suicide attack, where beforehand she tells Anya how proud she is of her.


Helena is a white adult female with blonde hair and blue eyes.