"Cole Train!? You mean the child Thrashball star!?"
— Rojas to Cole
Jan Rojas was a nine year old boy part of the children's project. He is voiced by Savannah Lough

Concept art for Jan Rojas.

Personal Background (2.0)

Jan Rojas allegedly had two brothers, one who has been in the COG as an adult for a few years. Nothing else is known about him.

After Recruitment (2.0)

Jan Rojas was teamed up with Baird, Cole , Seth , and Gyules in Alpha which was lead by Helena Stroud.

Later on in the film, Dom expresses concern for the safety of Rojas before he was killed by Wretches , indicating they may have became friends. Baird and Cole were also dismayed at his death. Delta and Alpha both end up finding his corpse, which appears to have been beaten to death and possibly eaten.


Rojas was only shown to speak once in the squad, where he's excited about meeting Cole.


Jan Rojas was a tan male with blueish black hair and yellow eyes. He stands about 4'7".