"Everyone out. Now."
— Davis demanding the children to exit the bus.

Lieutenant Davis is a minor reoccurring character in his late twenties, assumed to be from the Tyrus Region. He is voiced by Nick Strider.

Personal Background (2.0)


Davis dropping off the children to Hoffman.

Not much is known about Davis other than he is in charge of escorting children from the buses to their designated squad commanders. He seems to have somewhat of a friendship with Hoffman, Anderson, and Bernadette, but nothing of significance. It is assumed he may or may not be responsible for November One.


Davis is rude, but true to his tasks. His personality traits seem to parallel with Anderson's.


He is a white male with blue hair and grey eyes. Like Hoffman he has unique apparel, including a similar hat to Hoffman's but with a different insignia. He also wears a scarf around his neck and shoulders for cold weather, assuming he is out late at night with bus duty often.


  • Davis was supposed to have more dialogue, including two more scenes entirely. These scenes were cut due to the vulgarity and tastelessness of his dialogue. They will be included in the deleted scenes segment later on.