Maria Flores is a little girl around Dom and Marcus ' age who moved into the same neighborhood as the Santiago's recently.

Personal Background (2.0)

Maria is originally from the Imulsion town of Mercy , and had recently moved into the city of Ephyra , two doors down from the Santiago family. Dom has developed a crush on her, and wishes to impress her by joining the army. She is often climbing in the tree in her yard, while Dom watches.

After Dom recruits himself into the army, Maria wishes Dom good luck and gives him a friendship necklace.


Quiet and sincere, Maria is not show much during the film, and is mostly talked about.


Maria is a black haired green eyed white female, who stands about 4'3". In the original film, Maria is only shown in the school scene when they were watching the movie in class, where she has dark brown hair and black eyes.


  • In the first movie Maria is only shown in the school scene. Despite the child next to her calling her Maria, it has not officially been established that this is Maria Flores, and could simply be another girl named Maria.