Michael Barrick is an eleven year old male in Delta squad, along with Marcus, Dom, Anthony, Kim, and Tai , lead by Major Victor Hoffman. He is voiced by Arcanum Order.

Personal Background (2.0)

Barrick apparently got into trouble a lot at school, and was considered a social outcast. The reason why he joined the army is unknown, but it could be speculated for a similar reason as the Chevy Brothers.


After Recruitment (2.0)

Barrick was separated from Dom and Marcus at first, until Helena brought him and the rest of the squad together after arrival. He is often the main target for harassment from Hoffman and sometimes the others, and was the first to be assigned along with Carmine to do fire watch: a sentry on duty guarding the barracks part-way during the first night. During the first day of training he farts in Kim and Tai's faces as he's climbing up the obstacle course, where he is shortly then pushed down by the two of them.

He is quiet most of the film, but what he does out of screen time is unknown.


Not much is known about Michael other than he got into a lot of trouble at school, as he rarely has any valuable screen time. There comes a point where he proceeds to flatuate in Kim and Tai's faces, where they later on push him off the obstacle course. Other than that he doesn't seem to have much of a relationship with the main protagonists, other than a few times where he talks to Dom and Tai in the barracks.


Barrick is a chubbier white male child, and the third tallest children in delta behind Tai and Kim. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He did not make an appearance in the original film .


  • Michael is often a victim of bullying from Hoffman and the squad himself, where Hoffman tells him he could join the "doughnut brigade", a military slur for overweight recruits.