Kim (left) and Dom (right) cleaning the barracks.

"You only said to do "some" pushups..."
— Kim's retaliation to Hoffman

Minh Young Kim is a ten year old boy in Delta Squad, lead by Major Victor Hoffman . He is a somewhat minor character in both movies.

Personal Background (2.0)

Little is known about Kim's origin.

After Recruitment (2.0)

Kim is placed in Delta Squad, along with Marcus , Dom , Carmine , Barrick, and Tai . At first Kim is shown to be smug especially toward Hoffman, but is quick to learn his lesson and remains silent most of the film. He seems to be closest friends with Tai out of everyone in the platoon.


Smug at first, but a fighter at the core. Kim only wants to help people, and will do whatever he can.


Kim is a fair skinned male with a bald head and brown eyes. In the original film, he is also bald but has black eyes instead. Kim is also the tallest in the platoon in both films.


Kim in bed.


  • Kim dies from Kryll in the first film. In the remake he lives.
  • A mistake is made in the original film, where his name was spelled "Mihn" instead of Minh.
  • A racist joke that was often overlooked was when Hoffman called him "Ching-Chang-Chung" in the original movie. This doesn't happen in 2.0.
  • In the original film it says Kim comes from China, where this isn't true as the planet they're on is Sera which is fictional, and implied to be in a completely different galaxy.
  • In both films Kim is one of the most quietest characters in Delta. Contrary to this, he was also the first to be defiant toward Hoffman and Anderson.