Morgan in the debut trailer.

"...Not to mention y'all are annoying as hell."
— Morgan to everyone outside of the Sugar Shack

Travis Morgan is an eleven year old boy from the city of Char and in Fireteam Echo. He is a regular and worker at the Sugar Shack who hangs around Baird , Cole , and the Chevy Brothers , along with Fordyce . He is voiced by Tenshi Hanka.

Personal Background (2.0)

Morgan apparently came from a dysfunctional family, and joined the project to get away from them.

After Recruitment (2.0)

Morgan was assigned to Fireteam Echo along with Fordyce and the Chevy Brothers. He helps out Baird and Alex with the Sugar Shack , and serves as a "bartender" there. He eventually meets Marcus and welcomes him.

Morgan is the base's intermeddler, where he can gossip about everything and anything. He knows everything that happens, albeit he will sometimes twist stories around and make them sound worse than what they really are. Fordyce tells Marcus that Morgan's hair is an impossible color. Later on in the film, Alex and Morgan get into several disputes which result in violence.



Morgan in the Sugar Shack.

Morgan seems to be a little on the mean side at first, but actually is just a trash-talker and gossiper at the worst. He allegedly tells other children stories: both good and bad, including Romily . While he is short tempered, he is actually very welcoming when he's working at the Sugar Shack.


Morgan is a chubby tan male with lavender hair spiked at the sides, and light blueish purple eyes. He stands around 4'11".

Morgan 2

Morgan in the original film.

In the original film, he is blonde with freckles and black eyes. 


  • In the original film Morgan has little screen time, where he merely describes the fight between Cole and Fordyce.
  • In 2.0 he is given more screen time, more personality, and more backstory.