The mother of the Chevy Brothers was a woman from Mercy , assumed to be in her late thirties or early forties.

Mother chevy

Mother Chevy in 2.0, seen in a photo taken of her that says "wish you were here" in the background.

Personal Background (2.0)Edit

In both films, the brothers' mother is often referred to as a "skank" mom, due to her promiscuous nature. She is the biological mother to all three brothers, but each one has a different biological father. Alex mentions later on that his mom was around just for sex, and constantly had men over in the house and would neglect her sons.

Appearance Edit

In the single photo provided of her in 2.0, she is a white female with long wavy bleached hair and dark eyebrows. She has a beauty mark on her left cheek, and a tattoo with several names crossed out on her right arm.

In the original film, she has short black hair and blue eyes.


The only photo of the Chevys' mother, from the original film.


It is implied the mother dies during the strike when Niko asks priorly if their mother is going to die out there. Alex tells him everyone is going to die out there, and that they need to work together.

In the original film it is unknown what happened to her.