Mrs. Anderson was Lieutenant Antonio Anderson's wife.

Personal Background

Mrs. Anderson is assumed to had been around the same age as Antonio, as they are seen meeting when they were younger during a flashback. The two fell in love and got married, where Mrs. Anderson was soon to become pregnant with their son. The pregnancy seemed normal until she went into labor, where during the baby's childbirth she fell into cardiac arrest , tragically killing the baby and herself. 

Mrs. Anderson and her child were buried together, leaving Antonio distraught even later on. Due to Antonio's aging during the film, it is assumed Mrs. Anderson and the babie's death was over a decade prior to the events of 2.0 .

Her death has given a major impact onto Antonio, where he is often found being reminded of his wife by Hoffman , and is even driven into obliviousness of infatuation toward him. Before Anderson dies, he is shown speaking to his wife's photo about he will be with she and her son again.


Mrs. Anderson is only ever seen in photos and flashbacks, where she is a white female depicted to have long dark blue grey colored hair and dark green eyes.


Mrs. Anderson's birth with she and Antonio's child became complicated, when both their lives rapidly declined resulting in a natural death. It is unknown what caused the complications, as it is never told if Mrs. Anderson already had health problems or if the cardiac arrest was just spontaneous. Why the child could not be saved is also unknown, but it is more than likely the child was not delivered by the time she was at risk.


  • Mrs. Anderson does not have any known first name or maiden name.
  • She was originally drawn to have light auburn colored hair.