"Despite her mother's warning, and the calls of her friends, Romily left the safe company of her friends and walked into the perils of the forest. She thought they would admire her interdependence, and respect her brave willingness to break ranks with the others. But she did not walk alone. The six-legged demon that had waited patiently beneath her house since birth followed her, unseen, and joined the rest of his kind who rose from the depths to embrace her."
— An ancient Tyran fairy tale, in the theme of monsters waiting for disobedient children


Romily was a fictional character in a popular Tyran tale; a disobedient and independed child who hoped she'd be admired by bravery, but instead was taken to the Hollow by the monsters.

In 2.0

The story is the intro to the film, and is also mentioned by Elain during her discussion on her discoveries with Adam . The story is also passed on from child to child at the COG base as a scare tactic, where Morgan tells it one day in the Sugar Shack .