The Spec-Op victim was a male victim of brutality from the Chevy Brothers. He is voiced by Jon Jafari.

Personal Background (2.0)

The Spec-Op has no known name, but the production team refers to him as Jontron, as he is loosely based off the actual person and indirectly voiced by him. Anderson says the Spec-Op had a near-death experience due to the assault from the Chevy Brothers, and was presumably put into a hospital unit. He is shown to be choked, and has a bloody nose and mouth. It is assumed he was stabbed as well. Due to his seemingly weaker nature, it can be assumed that the Spec-Op was a rookie for his rank.


The Spec-Op when he was under attack.

Appearance (2.0)

He is a pale skinned male on the chubby side, with brown scruffy hair, a short beard, and brown eyes.