A squad is a platoon of children part of the children's project in Gear Babies and 2.0, commonly organized in groups of five or six.


Squads are organized primarily by age groups, gender, and lastly a child's stamina. There can also be unique type squads compared to the standard. Unique type squads take any eligible children regardless of gender. Children are assigned to squads by LT Anderson.


Ages 7-11 (Male):

Ages 7-11 (Female):

Ages 11-15 (Male):

Ages 11-15 (Female):

  • Juliet

Ages 15-18 (Male):

  • Golf
  • India
  • Mike
  • Papa
  • Romeo
  • Victor
  • Yankee

Ages 15-18 (Female):

  • Whiskey

Unique Squads

Pre-School Age:

Fireteam Ages 7-11:

  • Charlie

Fireteam Ages 11-15:

Fireteam Ages 15-18:

  • Quebec