"It's a place called the Sugar Shack! It's where all the cool kids hang out!."
— Baird describing the Sugar Shack to Marcus

Niko (left) and Alex (right) on the porch of the Sugar Shack.

The Sugar Shack is a literal shack that was established by Baird , Alex , and Morgan to serve as a secluded area where children can hang out. Its main purpose is to be comfortable, have games, and to sell food, drinks, and cigarettes.


Baird and Alex came across an empty abandoned shack, where Baird asks LT Anderson if it was being used for anything and if they could make it into a "friendly" clubhouse to play in during their free time. After Anderson approves, they get to work and redecorate the place, adding several posters of models, cars, and other random lighting fixtures to the walls that Anderson let them have. The place gets old but useable furniture that had been found in a nearby dumpster, and they later install a makeshift bar where Morgan can serve food and drinks.

Because the shack was intended for a hangout for troublemakers and gangs, many fights break out: Cole and Fordyce in particular.


Most members of the Sugar Shack tend to be on the more troublesome side. More notable members are: Alex, Niko , Eli , Baird, Morgan, and Fordyce , Marcus and Dom visit the Sugar Shack when Baird shows them, but they decide they don't really want to associate themselves there later on unless less fights happen.


The Sugar Shack is a rundown brown wooden shack with a rusty tin roof and metal door. It has the words "Sugar Shack" poorly painted on the front above the door in red paint. The windows are like the barrack windows where they are merely screen without glass. There is a wooden porch with wooden railing on the front that has one step


The Sugar Shack in the original film. Note how it's spelled.

to get up on it. The interior is wooden as well, with wooden floors with a few neon lights and posters. The place has an incomplete billiards table, a couple of couches, several chairs and a few tables. There is also a radio that is frequently moved from the porch to the inside of the shack depending on weather. The shack also has a small TV, which is almost always out of picture and barely working. Evidently the place has poor ventilation, as there is no air conditioner and they use a small desk fan instead.

In the original film, it doesn't look much different other than it's spelled "Shuger Shak" instead of Sugar.