Kim (right) and Tai (left) pushing Michael (Middle) off the obstacle course.

"I bet they're just mad that their weiners aren't game enough for their wives."
— Tai talking about Hoffman and Anderson behind their backs

Personal Background

Tai is a ten year old from Irohma Island in the South Islands , making him one of the few known characters not from Tyrus itself. His parents allegedly moved to a Tyranian city when his nation was wiped out by the URI in the previous war, where Tai had decided to join the Child's Project .

After Recruitment

Tai is placed into Delta Squad along with Marcus Fenix , Anthony Carmine , Michael Barrick , Minh Young Kim , and Dom Santiago which is lead by Victor Hoffman and assisted by LT Anderson .

He seems to have befriended Kim while the two remain close to each other most of the film.


Mostly stoic, Tai mainly shown as a background character. Whenever he talks he is vague and to the point, but will sometimes show a sense of humor and can sometimes be crude.


Tai ia the second tallest behind Kim in the entire platoon. He has a pale complexion, with a black shaved mowhawk hairstyle. He has brown eyes.

He does not make an appearance in the original film .